Summer Supper Club
to indulge and share my passion
for food and gatherings.

I have toyed with the idea of opening some kind of food place for years. There is just nothing I'd rather do than move around the kitchen, trying this and that so see if it can be turned into a feast for bunch of people. I was raised in the Alpine mountains in the south of Poland where our family had a boutique guesthouse in a ski area. I learned from my mother and grandmother -both exceptionally good cooks - how to improvise fine meals from whatever happened to be in market. "Market" might be overstatement for the slim pickings one could find for sale in Poland in those Cold War days. Later, after coming to the US in 1985, where everything you could dream of was right there on the supermarket shelves, I really went to town cooking. I worked in restaurants in New York City and NJ for my first fifteen years in the United States. I used to get interested in different cuisines --Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese--and visit the best restaurants for those cuisines in New York, and then try to match their flavors. Basically, I had whole lot of fun experimenting.

This may still be not enough to run a restaurant successfully, but a pop-up cafe may just be the thing for someone like me, with more interest in creating great food than in running a commercial business. Pop-up restaurants are becoming quite popular in the big cities all over the world.  Without opening a restaurant and risking financial failure, young chefs can try their luck on non-committal short term arrangements, that will give them ideas on how will they do in establishing a "brick and mortar" food-business.

In the  past summers, my Supper Club expectations were justified. People seemed to enjoy themselves, they kept coming back and bringing their friends, and I was happier than ever. Having said that, it feels to me like this is the time to stop before my cooking become a chore rather then fan. It is seventh summer or this lovely adventure and that is enough for me. I will keep this site open just in case I will come up with some other idea, but this summer super club in the present formula, will be the last one.

 I'm planning to go with the flow of seasonal produce and make your meal the best I know how to.Those of you who know me, can be sure of it, those who don't will have to take my my word for it. You can bring with you beverages of your choice. I serve mineral water, plain or with bubbles.
Dates of summer 2019 supper gatherings are posted below.  If rains, rain-check for the next fair day, for those of you who can make that change. I can comfortably sit 20 people on our deck. If needed one or two persons can always be added on the short notice. That is all I can think of for now. If you have any questions you can e-mail me or call me.


On August 10th I will cook polish dishes I promised on previous years and never got around to do it.


These are the dates of planned suppers.

July 13

July 27
August 10

August 24

click on date for menu

(I will post the menus  at least a month before dinner)

Gatherings start at 5:30 pm. Seat down to dinner at 6:00 pm.

E -mail :
Phone 320 217-9002